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adfectus exhibition

Snowline Neckpiece

Adfectus exhibition; 17th - 25th August 11-6 daily

Closing Party; Sunday 25th 3- 6pm

Bloc gallery; 40 Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH6 7AE

Adfectus: /ad'fek.tus/, latin, noun: emotion: a strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood or relationship with others

I am taking part in Adfectus, a new exhibition of contemporary jewellery from our collective Element47. Taking the concepts of emotion, mood and feeling as a starting point, the exhibited work explores joy, absence, surprise, curiosity and other emotions that defy translation.

Element47 is a professional jewellers design collective based within SilverHub Jewellery School and Studios in Abbeymount Studios, Easter Road, Edinburgh. 

Our unique collective aims to provide a supportive environment enabling us to develop our practice. Through public engagement and the creation of exhibitions we aim to increase awareness and understanding of contemporary jewellery design. Within the studio, we create opportunities to enable us as professional jewellers to critique, skill share and collaborate.

Adfectus will feature work by six collective members: Lisa Arnott, whose collection “Present with Absence” was recently awarded an outstanding distinction in her Master in Fine Arts (metalwork and jewellery) from the Sheffield Institute of Arts; Eleanor Kerr Patton, with a new body of work designed to re-connect us to joy. Frequent small moments of joy are proven to positively impact our long term mental health, Eleanor creates wearable objects that bring this joy into our everyday lives; Carolyn Kinnaird, who has created work exploring the theme of honesty, through pieces specially designed for this exhibition, has used this time as an opportunity to explore her design process from a purely aesthetic standpoint, observing elements of Scandanavian design and its focus on simplicity, clean lines and elegant, minimalist forms; Sarah McAdam, who has taken inspiration from the German word Waldeinsamkeit; literally translated as 'forest loneliness', which celebrates the sense of being alone in the woods and the feeling of connection with nature that it brings; Ann Shearer, uses her knowledge of materials and making practice to develop elements of surprise in her pieces; and I will be showing a collection of work inspired by the emotions inherent in being in the mountains.

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